Duck Hunt

The Duck Hunt Duo is the team of a dog and duck. They like to blow stuff up with their exploding cans and clay pigeons. They also have a game on the NES. Duck Hunt is a playable character in Super Dr. Seuss Bros for the WiiDs.


The point of Duck Hunt is to tell young people that shooting birds with rifles is legit at an early age. This is why it's popular in the US. Most people drink beer while playing this game... on hardcore mode.

Role in gaming Edit

Duck Hunt helped save Nintendo, along with fellow Dimension Warrior, R.O.B. He has a very catchy melody in Super Giraffe Bros for the Wii/DS, where he is an unlockable character. Here it is: [1]

Trivia Edit

  • They are actually a trio, with a gunman used for the down special move.
  • The game is basically teaching kids to mass murder every single duck in existence. Yes, NES is quite evil.
  • The duo are terrorists and are wanted by the UNSC.

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