Dr. Richtofen is an idiot communist who stole Nikolai Belinski's vodka.


Richtofen was born in 1921, at the dawn of Communism. Upon reaching age 20, he stole reinvented the nuke for Russia to use. This started the Cold War. Due to his unclear intentions, he went into breakdown, and stole then drank all of Nikolai's vodka.

Due to the fact Stalin hated Nikolai, Richtofen wasn't jailed or tortured for stealing his vodka.

Paradoxicalness (Marty, WTF man?!?) Edit

Waitaminute, he was 20 in 1941, but he was also 20 back in World War The First. But he obviously aged and went mad with his obsession with Nikolai's Vodka and created zombies and dogs and nazi-zombies and mutants and teddy bears and commie-zombies and time machines and wonderful waffles and a moon-base and time machines and lions and tigers and bears and-

Damn, I'D have a breakdown if my life made so little sense...



  • Vodka
  • Communism
  • Nukes
  • Stalin


  • Nikolai
    • Nikolaism for that matter
  • Capitalism
  • Failing to summon "The Great E"

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