Dr. Neo Cortex Twinsanity
Dr. Neo Cortex
Full Name
Background Information
Status Alive (Main timeline)
Murdered (Alternate Future)
Likes His air ship
Crash Bandicoot (sometimes)
Dislikes Penises in urinals
Crash Bandicoot (sometimes)
Alignment Evil
Sexual Orientation Pansexual
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 64
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level
Family Dr. Ivo Robotnik (twin brother)
Nina Cortex (Daughter)
Crash Bandicoot (Creation)
Tiny Tiger (Creation)
Coco Bandicoot (Creation)
Ripper Roo (Creation)
Komodo Moe (Creation)
Komodo Joe (Creation)
Koala Kong (Creation)
Dingodile (Possible creation)
Friends Crash Bandicoot
Mario Head (formerly)
Enemies Crash Bandicoot
The Evil Twins
Date Joined
Dr. Neo Cortex (born January 18, 1952 age 66) is the one who created Crash Bandicoot as a competition for a fat plumber/adventurer and a blue hedgehog using an "evolve-o-ray," but the machine that was supposed to program Crash's mind wasn't working properly, so Crash is a dumb sack of shit. Thus, Cortex deemed him a failure and tried to murder him in cold blood, albeit he and Crash share a very odd relationship.



Cortex suffers from a skin disease that is going kill him in another eighty or ninety years. He has the upper case letter N on his head, but this is not a tattoo. It's actually a birth mark. His head is pretty square too. He oftentimes wears a lab coat and carries a laser blaster of some sort. Amazingly enough, his body, especially in the Naughty Dog games, resembles Brain from Pinky & The Brain.


Main timelineEdit

Cortex was born to Momma Robotnik (thus marking the second virgin pregnancy in recorded history) on a cold January day. He was raised alongside his twin brother Dr. Ivo Robotnik. She eventually abandoned them both, leaving them to live in the jungle with some apes. There Cortex attended James K. Polk high school where he scored all kinds of "bitches," much to his brother's chagrin.

Once he graduated from high school, however, he became an failure at everything. After nine years (and it's a seven-year school), Cortex obtained his degree at the Academy of Evil with a 1.8 GPA. After a few years of career his colleague N. Gin then reminded him of his plans to find the 25 slave power crystals on Earth to aide his master crystal in powering the Cortex Vortex to wipe out Hyrule. Crash collected all 42 gems activating good guy Brio's laser beam, destroying Cortex's space station. Brio would lose faith in humanity and go back to being evil a week later.

Cortex from CrashBandicoot2

Cortex giving Crash an ultimatum after kidnapping.

The rest of the continuity is a bit confusing. The first game not made by Naughty Dog Crash Bash can end in the good guys saving the world and presumably thwarting Uka Uka once and all. The end is kind of vague actually, but if the bad guys win, that's definitely a game over for the time line. Oh, and Aku Aku brainwashed Tiny and Dingodile somehow... for fairness...

Cortex TWOC

Uka Uka got fed up with Cortex's shit and asked Dr. Tropy and his newfound trusty sidekick N. Trance to hypnotize Crash since trying to murder him in cold blood worked out so poorly for them. They hypnotized that bastard Crunch as well as Coco, but somehow they hypnotized Fake Crash instead of the real Crash. Crash eventually went on to defeat N. Trance, but Tropy escaped. Crash got bored and went home.

There was also a really shitty game called Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage, but no one gives a fuck about it. People typically don't give a fuck about Crash Nitro Kart either. That is, until the topic of those sequels for the iPhone are brought up.


Crash of the Titans onwardsEdit

The following Section is Non-Canon to the rest of the wiki!

In an alternate future, Cortex was overthrown by his daughter Nina after attempting to create a bunch of mutants who Aku Aku then helped Crash possess like a ghost to proceed through the level. This is the future in which everything is dumb to appeal to snot-nosed brats.

Cortex then teamed up with Brio again to hypnotize people with a commercial product called the N-V. The cutscenes are presented in a odd manner, and this is coming from the YouTube Poop wiki.

Cortex later created a strange entity named Mutant Krabs who murdered him and later Crash.


Crash BandicootEdit

Outside of Crash Twinsanity where they teamed up, Crash and Cortex are mortal enemies. Despite this, they have gotten along before, most notably in Crash Twinsanity. In that particular game, Cortex attempted to form a partnership (to save himself from being offered as a sacrifice with the Evil Twins by Uka Uka and Aku Aku) by telling Crash, "I've been like a father to you. I created you. I nursed you... I tried to destroy." However, since Crash has shit for brains, figuratively speaking, he decided to help Cortex, implying that the sin against nature might have a soft spot for the virgin-born scientist.

Nina CortexEdit

Of all the people Cortex has wronged in his life, perhaps none have been moreso wronged than his own biological daughter Nina. Although he did send her to a happy family, he later kidnapped her and sent her off to the Academy of Evil where she was brainwashed into evil she is today. In the alternate future of Crash Mind Over Mutant, he also sent her to Evil Public School for taking over his job under Uka Uka.

In spite of this, Nina still treated her "uncle" with kindness, helping him fix the Psychotron to save the world from the Evil Twins. She later joined him in Crash Tag Team Racing in a more direct way of trying to kill Crash and his friends (except Aku Aku who was nowhere to be found for whatever reason).

Uka UkaEdit

In the third game Crash Bandicoot Warped, it was revealed that Cortex who had previously been thought to be the big guy in charge was actually following orders from Uka Uka the whole time. As stated above, Uka Uka imprisoned in a mystical temple with no apparent means of escape, gave Cortex instructions on how to conquer the world with a new video game franchise on PlayStation. Apparently, he was hoping that as ruler of Earth, Cortex would find a way to break the seal and free Uka Uka. Although he failed the mighty Uka Uka twice because of Crash, he was allowed to live and continue serving Uka Uka because apparently a piece of Cortex's headquarters managed to set Uka Uka free by smashing into the temple from outer space. Uka Uka often threatens Cortex's well being and oftentimes takes control of Cortex's body (similarly to how Aku Aku grants Crash invincibility). In Mind Over Mutant, Cortex managed to lock up Uka Uka and drain his power with some form of over-powered bullshit.

Tiny TigerEdit

Upon Tiny's defeat in Crash Bandicoot Warped, Cortex said "Tiny was a good fellow. He hated everyone and everything, but a good heart nonetheless." This was said despite Tiny having been enlisted by Brio to stop Crash from helping Cortex gather crystals the week before. It can be assumed that at this point in time, Cortex simply had no idea what to say about a minion of his that was presumed dead at the time... mostly because he didn't know anything about the guy.


  • Many came to the theory that Neo Cortex was a clown who failed in their works in the circus, but this theory was forgotten, and nobody cares about it.
  • Cortex prefers Chunky peanut butter to creamy peanut butter.
  • The reason he doesn't age normally (which was more noticeable in his younger years) is that he, along with Robotnik, were born of virgin pregnancy, making his DNA highly unstable.