Dittatore (real name Ouvera Harris) is the evil life force of Earth - formerly, an insane evil genius. He was disowned and grew up with his uncle - who he later killed. He has a big ass army (1 Billion Soldiers).

Character InfoEdit



  • Scorna Revic (Mortal Enemy)
  • Viacom Mew (his killer)
  • Ally Hyriss
  • Dark Tails
  • Mewtwo



On a fateful day, the Viacom Mew flew into Dittatore's fortress and set a bomb onto his bed. Because this corrupted Pokémon was so swift and stealthy, Dittatore didn't know about this. When he went to sleep after working on tech for 72 hours, the bed exploded due to the bomb and the whole fortress blew up. Dittatore died from this.

Revival & Life ForceEdit

After his death, Screx Haul became the new dictator of the Dittapire. Haul then started project "D" in which Dittatore was merged with the life force of the Mooninites. Haul now awaits an awaken.  Even though this happening is very unlikely.

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