Go fuck yourself disney
Disney is a Nazi resp. Japanese worldwide terrorist organization, dedicated to making the world as sexist as possible. They started when a Nazi and anti-Communist named Walt Disney founded the organization in order to protest woman rights by making sexist cartoons. It is also noted that they are anti-Semites, and support racism and bestiality.

Disney Channel

The Disney Channel is the official TV channel of Disney while Real-life TV series are transmitted here, it means that the actors are alive and not the show or the audience. In those TV shows of comedy, Disney allows to put fake laughter so people can "laugh" while many actors have resigned of these TV shows and had a great career around the world if we ignore the fall and drug use. Some follow the same format that is repeated over and over again, the girl with her best friend (can also be her sister) living the dream of success and become stars, there is always a black cast of people without talent.

But what really matters is that in the true reality she never achieve it and she later committed suicide. Disney also had a naughty attorney who worked in as the real owner of Disney Channel who always upset them throughout the history (that attorney was Hideki Tojo). The first act to ensure the popularity of Disney Channel was when they called Waluigi to call the fabulous black cast to a hidden room and then he get rid of them just using a boneless chicken, which in this case it was an attempt to diversify the culture in American television. The next day, Waluigi, released discs, video clips, movies, whatever that comes to mind of how he killed the black cast.


Disney has been active for years, but no one really gave two shits. It wasn't until they invaded and concurred LucusArts, meaning they practically control the United States entire economy. They are now on the verge of world domination. It's speculated that Waluigi is trying to destroy Disney with a new weapon called "The Waluigi Blaster".

Disney sold all of the Hannah Montana rights to the RTP for Star Channel programing. Disney gave the RTP the rights to Camp Rock and the show Selena Gomez was on.

I hate this channel
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