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This page is a work in progress! Please check back for MOAR! PatrickBoard

This article is part of the Dimension Warriors and Universe Heroes Alternate Reality.
All content of this alternate reality is non-canon to the rest of the wiki.
Dimension Warriors and Universe Heroes 3/The Lost Chapter

The Journey to the Dank Memes dimensionEdit

"So, what's up?" Penn asked.

"There's a disturbance in the Dank Memes dimension." Danny explained.

Crash said some gibberish about the Dank Memes dimension.

"Does anyone know what Crash is talking about?" Tyler asks.

"I don't even know." Orange says.

The heroes were transported to the Dank Memes dimension after defeating the clones.

"So this is the Dank Memes dimension." Jimmy says.

R.O.B examined the place. He then realizes that there is danger around there.

"I think R.O.B is telling us it's not safe here." Mandy says.

"Hey, what's the worst that could happen?" Cindy says.

"You had to say it!" Shope says.

The heroes were ambushed by Dat Boi.

"o shit waddup!" Dat Boi says.

"What is that!?" SpongeBob asks.

"It's a frog on a unicycle!" Billy says.

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