Diablo is a large plant eater you find in the desert or hot and dry places.

Facts about themEdit

They are mainly carnivores but eat plants sometimes. Don't mess with them unless you like stomach acid.


Highly aggressive, even for such a large wyvern. Diablos are considered one of the most aggressive creatures in the Desert.

using sand as cover.

Diablos can launch devastating ambushes on intruders encroaching on their territory. Diablos can also charge great distances very quickly and ram its opponent, promptly goring it with its large horns. Diablos males are ferociously territorial, challenging each other and even large and equally aggressive desert predators.... And Jigglypuffs.


in fact:

if they see or hear a jigglypuff they well run over to it KNOCK IT off TAKE THERE HEAD OFF and TROW AWAY THE BODY IN THE MOST BURTAL AND BLOODY WAY YOU CAN IMAGEN.

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