The Official Logo of the Death Squad

The Death Squad (used to be the United Monsters of America), is an evil organization founded by Tubby and Dark Tails in order to take down the Skodwarde Squad. They changed their name to the Death Squad after destroying the Skodwarde Squad, They are currently partners of the T.D Squad.

Skodwarde Squad ThreatEdit

The relations started with the murder of Weegee, in which Dark Tails swore vengeance on Skodwarde, Weegee's murderer. After that, Dark Tails murdered Spengbab, and SS member and recorded the murder. In which Dark Tails sent the tape to Skodwarde.

One year later the Skodwarde Squad was in victory, that when Dark Tails launched project "P". Only Skodwarde, Moar Krabs, and Fizzy (who was not really fighting in the war after Tobuscus) survived. The rest now have dog shit in their dead corpses. Dark Tails later overpowered Skodwarde and killed him using his only weakness...screaming "This is Sparta" and kicking him down a well. Skodwarde was finally dead. Moar then surrendered, he still manages the Krab Krusty today.

T.D Squad ThreatEdit

When Waweegee was injured by Giygas Jr., Dark Tails disappeared leaving the group in the hands of PSY after learned about Tirek and his new dangerous powers.

Walleo can't supports the injustice to his brother, and that's how Walleo attacks and kills Tails Doll, imprisoning his soul in Satan's Ass.

Actually, Fizzy Walnuts had a new plan to destroy the group, The plan was founded in Pranktin Corpse, Fizzy starts a new experiment with Colress creating the Devil Machine, they need to collect the 3 souls of Giygas, DEUUEAUGH Fish and Skodwarde and resurrect them, but an error causes a fusion in the Devil Machine with the 3 souls, creating a satanist monster called "Giywardeaugh".

Peace with the T.D SquadEdit

After Giywardeaugh death, Mewtwo becomes the new leader now with good goals proclaiming the peace between The T.D Squad and The Death Squad, The T.D Squad is now a partner of Death Squad.


Rejected or Killed MembersEdit


Mewtwo later sent forces to capture and kill Dark Tails who made an agreement with Da-Da, Dark Tails will not kill Da-Da and work as Da-Da's assassin and Da-Da will let Dark Tails into the dream world. Dark Tails then entered the dream world, never to return. With that the Spinge Squad, the T.D Squad, and the Death Squad all declared him dead. Two months later they all entered peace and merged into one squad - the Mewtwo Squad.