Wakko Clown

The Perverted Clown Himself

Dat Clown is a gay clown in Animaniacs who was assigned to be Wakko the Clown. He was best known for epic failing to make someone happy, and getting hit by a hammer.


After getting the job as a clown for Wakko, He thanks the Boss (Who was also scared of the "evil" clown) for hiring him. After meeting Wakko, he hide inside with fear, Defending himself by hurting Dat Clown. After the 4th or 5th tries, the door open, and Dat Clown enters. It turned out it was a giant rocket. No-One had ever heard from him again. Legend said he still entertain aliens in the Moon.

Likes and Dislike


  • His Boss (He doesn't love him back)
  • Wakko (He doesn't love him back)
  • The Kids in the Moon


  • Entertaining Kids
  • Peeking through door during sex
Peeping Tom

Who is This Perv watching


  • His Boss (formerly)


  • Getting hit by a giant hammer

Youtube Poop

He didn't star in many YouTube Poop videos. One of the YouTube Poops he was in is Mr. Director gets Whacked! by SUPERMARIOGALAXY13