Dark Mercury is a robot martial artist that was created by Fizzy Walnuts and Moar Krabs.  She was built after they joined the Spinge Squad to help Fizzy destroy DarkTeegee Norris and bring down the UMA. 


Dark Mercury's combined strength and intelligence gave her the upper hand through the whole battle, although she was not technically winning until she found and used DarkTeegee's weakness, radioactive chocolate, to turn him back into Dark Tails.  From that point on, the fight proved trivial for Dark Mercury and she came back to Fizzy with Dark Tails's corpse for proof.  This got her quickly accepted into the Spinge Squad and she now fights alongside Fizzy Walnuts as his partner. Oh, and Dark Tails was the Spinge Squad's dinner on that day.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She has skills in the martial arts that are even greater than Fizzy Walnuts himself. She also has the same ability as Metal Sonic, which is to identify and execute her opponents' weaknesses. This ability was provided by Fizzy and Moar Krabs inserting several DNA samples into Dark Mercury's database, including their own, Dr. Robotnik's, I.M. Meen's, Heavy's, and even DarkTeegee's!  Her existence was kept hidden from the rest of the Spinge Squad until she returned victorious from the final showdown with DarkTeegee. 

Dark Mercury


Giygas with Da-Da was sended by his leaders to destroy Dark Mercury, thanks to the training, Giygas and Da-Da had the abilitie to fusion their powers and create a powerful attack that can be destroy Dark Mercury. However, the attack was a failure and Dark Mercury got to damage gravely both.

In a bloodiest battle, Dark Mercury was going to kill Da-Da, But Giygas sacrifices himself destroying Dark Mercury with him and saving Da-Da of the explosion.

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