Dark cd i link
Dark Link
Full Name
Background Information
Alignment Neutral
Source The Legend of Zelda
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Physical Description
Species Elf/Hylian (corrupt)
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level
Date Joined

Dark Link is the evil and asshole form of Link, is a devil out of nowhere he came to be the first student of King Haddakini, who had decided to take a vacation at Lake Hylia and disappeared again a time ago. He is the devil counterpart of link and was created by Cyrus. Dark Link works as a bounty hunter killing villains who try to be superior than him like his mortal enemy Ganondork.


Dark Link is very insane when you see his real self, Dark Link has proven to be a murderer wanted by the UNSC and the F.B.I, Dark Link considers them a waste in YouTube Poop world and in many cases he has decided to destroy all their bases and the F.B.I. Dark Link is often with bipolar disorders and keeps a twisted mind for his life.


  • Oh men!.
  • I Won!.
  • I Won again.
  • Well Excuuuuuuse me Cyrus.
  • Slaughter is best medicine.
  • I'm going to fuck your butt!.
  • Well Excuuuuuuse me Saturn.
  • Gee. It sure it funny around here.

Known VictimsEdit



Dark Link was born when Cyrus gave Link a sandwich with his DNA inside, then Link turned into a psycopath.He went to shit in the bathroom ejecting all the evil and dark energy with Dark Link. He fell into the drains of Hyrule Castle, full of rage, Dark Link swore revenge against link for his fate thrown at him.

He likes to eat the memories of others (although you feel bad) and the vital forces found there. A fucking people get especially for the latter, but nothing happens because Link casually passing by, and lack of Ganon decided clobber.

The poor suffer bending knees, as has never been seen with legs fully extended. Usually remain upright with your legs bent because bottled green drug that steals from his enemies, he takes to not sleep or eat for every murder he commits.


After hundreds of years of wandering the world finally came to a country that could not be worse because of the stupidity of its inhabitants, USA.

There he met Skodwarde, who gave him the power and all the virgin girls who had always sought, if he played some cocaine. But Dark Link (so far only called Pete Freckles) unaware of the dark powers of Skodwarde, so no more he was forced to live in a box forever. Skodwarde won this exchange for an allocation of shorts and socks extra long lifetime.

Time passed and the guy resigned to live eternity in a box, one day was filled with oatmeal and then some dude became the commercial spokesman for this wonderful product, YAAAAYYY !!. Then in the midnight, Dark Link escaped from the box thanks to Haddakini Harkinian and burned down Skodwarde's House, unfortunately Skodwarde survived.

The First morbid creature in the worldEdit

It's believed that Dark Link was the first animal that has existed since he got his first bow, also believes kidnap princesses is for male. What few people know is that Dark Link is bald, and that carries half the noggin is a piece of cut and attached to his head with Super Glue broom. Also, his child carries their disease and is also bald, so armpit hairs of his father (the cut as he sleeps) and paste in the middle of the head it gets.

Rise to fameEdit

Dark Link was in a deep depression (and playing some smoking Colombian marijuana), so Haddakini Harkinian (LSD post to the eyebrows) decided to help him creating a children's story that would bear his name, the story actually try the adventures of Dark Link in McRonaland but Haddakini changed later the history to a gloomy atmosphere and turned the character Dark Link character into a malevolent interplanetary that would devour the people, Dark Link liked the subliminal message to the kids. The story quickly became one of the stories wets more terrifying beds and selvage this to create a film adaptation that was destined to YouTube Poop World (with a very poor quality in every way possible, even taking into account the date on which it was made).



  • (Almost) Everyone
  • Getting fucked by the UNSC
  • Ganon stealing his dildos
  • Sonic.exe
  • Skodwarde
  • BEN Drowned
  • When people talk shit about him
  • Lex Luthor
  • Not having enough money to pay for Morshu's products


  • There is currently a debate in the Hell or not to kill Dark Link, due to his last appearance, in which he challenged the king to a duel, after this he sued for planting marijuana in what is now Venezuela.
  • Dark Link (with link) is the only living person who gets money, cutting bushes arrows and bombs and breaking vases?
  • He knows the secret of eternal life? Well, for most who see it fall into a pit of lava or be killed by the UNSC Dark Link always reappears.
  • No one knows exactly where he studied from but the most accepted theory is that he studied in a village of orphans who refuse to grow for fear of the tax.