"I wish that I will be all powerful. The ultimate monster. That I will be so powerful, that trying to stop me would be considered suicide. The I will make it so in the future, T.D Squad means Doomed."
– Dark Tails
DarkTeegee Norris is the combined form of Dark Tails, Weegee, and Chuck Norris. He is the most badass character in YouTube Poop World. He is also immortal and invincible. He's equal in power to Giywardeaugh, but with the help of the Death Squad Powers, DarkTeegee has an advantage over Giywardeaugh.


After disappearing from the Death Squad, Dark Tails heard about the murder of the Great Mighty Poo by the hands of Lord Tirek, Dark Tails saved the Great Mighty Poo, who in return offered to grant Dark Tails one wish. Without hesistating he wished to be the ultimate power and to destroy anyone who gets in his way. The Great Mighty Poo then granted the wish and Dark Tails merged with his former master, Weegee, and Chuck Norris. Dark Tails then awoke as DarkTeegee Norris.




  • Destroy Giywardeaugh.
  • Take over YTP World.
  • Destroy Tirek and the T.D Squad.
  • Destroy remaining members of the Skodwarde Squad.
  • Destroy anyone he hates.
  • Terminate the YTP Wiki.
  • Destroy the universe that Giygas created.

The most super mega ultra powerful thing ever in existence of everEdit

DarkTeegee Norris then used ventured to the bottom of Tartarus, where he gained the Helm of Die. He then put on the Helm of Die, which then merged with his body. DarkTeegee Norris then merged with death itself, and the power of the underworld. Once again DarkTeegee transformed into Mors.

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