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Da-Da was a donkey with a creepy ogre baby face. In several nights, he invades some people' dreams. He originated in Shrek's mind and he was his first victim.

Warning! While being cursed, do not look at the moon, or it will instantly change into Da-Da's face!


During his search for the heir to the throne, Shrek had nightmares about the future of his marriage with Fionna, these nightmares were accumulated in Shrek's mind creating an unknown creature that soon would come out of his mind. Then, a night, Shrek had the worst nightmare about their babies and this was enough to complete the creature, Shrek wake from his nightmare just to find the most horrible thing in the world, he found Da-Da in real world!....After Shrek discovered him, he was cursed for the rest of his life.

Also, the ogre babies in Shrek's dream was his minions, and the orange cat wearing a hat with an ogre baby face was his jester. So Da-Da is the ogre baby king, and that is totally strange. The ogre babies are actually working in Eat at Grimlock's while Da-Da's jester is working in Labyrinth of I.M. Meen as Meen's assistant like Gnorris's replacement, Da-Da let them have their own lives but he knows they'll come back to him if he needs them.


  • "Gobble gobble goo goo!" (When he saw Shrek)
  • "DA DA!"
  • "Chocolate rain!"