Cynthia is the champion and most infamous sex offender of the Sinnoh region. She stalks and preys on children around the age of 10 such as Dawn, and takes them to her basement when they lose. As the champion, she is an advocate of love and trust towards Pokémon, something that actually doesn't do jack in real battles, although her idea of "love" might mean something else. Cynthia is notably known to molest children particularly black ones and rapes black men to please her Weeb vagina.

On the Show

Cynthia is always portrayed as a completely perfect character, unable to lose or be wrong. While Ash Ketchum is busy advertising merchandise, Cynthia will "help" him with battles and try to lure him into her "training room". As of now, she is unaware that someone else has taken our hero.

Cynthia is very fond of Cyrus, a multi millionaire criminal who is totally not a deranged fanatic that wants to become god. She wants to marry him so she can get his money, but unfortunately, she has some competition.