The Cum Bucket

The Cum Bucket is a restaurant owned by Plankton. It is right across the street from the Krusty Krab, and next to the Krab Krusty and the Rusty Krap, its know for sell the most tasty food in Bikini Bottom.


It hasn't had any customers in over 20 years, due to the name change. Plankton thought it was due to the formula that the Krusty Krab had.

Plankton has resorted to many grabs in order to get customers, and even once used mind control.

Plankton teamed with with The Nazis and the Minions to kill MOAR and/or Moar Krabs.Then Plankton renamed the Cum Bucket into its original name(Scum Bucket) and the popularity returned.


The Cum Bucket was founded in the year 1337, then called the Scum Bucket. It was popular, in fact one of the most popular in the Bikini Bottom, but it was vandalized by MOAR, due to the compitetion.

It then was called the Chum Bucket. This didn't decrease the popularity, but again. This time he got rid of the 'H'. People abruptly stopped going, but Plankton didn't see the name change, so he didn't know why.

Battle SiteEdit

After 10 years of disuse, Pranktin broke in. The invader and Plankton battled it out, but Pranktin reigned supreme.


Trivia Edit

  • The Cum Bucket's food is actually better than the Krab Krusty's. This is why MOAR vandalized the Cum Bucket.
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