Cthulhu ID
CTHULHU SONG - Cartman-0

CTHULHU SONG - Cartman-0


Cthulhu, the creature with an unpronounceable name, is the cosmic-squid-entity-cousin of one genius who, experts say, rests under the oceanic depths to hunt any impertinent submarine.


Considerated the incontestable malignancy by almost all who know him, is believed to be an abject mixture of sepia mutant with wings of an azure dragon and the body of the Kraken, with claws that could rival those of a Telefónica executive, and eyes that inspire a comparable dread to contemplate a full program of Saturday Night Live.


Cthulhu borns the same time when Satan creates the Hell, he with Giygas, Hexxus and Black Hiver were the best friends in that world. they had many things in common like they abuses of Zalgo, they like destroy the world and they like disobey to Satan.


Cthulhu got his diploma of the Hell and his brother and his father were proud of him. Cthulhu stayed with his friend Hexxus a time and soon they got a formula to destroy the human world and the universe.

Hexxus Betrayal

When Satan refused the great plan of Hexxus, Cthulhu later hears about the evil plan of Hexxus that consists in kill and destroy Satan, Cthulhu tells everything to Satan, Later Satan kick out Hexxus and he swears revenge of Cthulhu for ruining his plan.

He is a secret final boss in Dimension Warriors