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Cs188 is a well-known YouTube Pooper. He is mostly famous for his Pooping the Charts series, in which he makes fun of the current musics hits. More recently, he has also pooped U.S. President Obama to a high degree. Currently, he holds the record for most subscribed and most viewed YTPer of all time, surpassing Deepercutt and EmperorLemon. He has made 4 Calliou Youtube Poops, and so far they have all been uploaded on Halloween.

He's also the creator or the Pooper who pushed a lot of memes in YTP such as Sus, JoJ and the HoH SiS phenomenon. As well as Several Poopisms such as Sentence mixing, Foward reversing, Stutter Looping and others and basically pioneering the Modern YTP. He's (Probably) also one of the poopers who started the Michael Rosen YTPs and Billy Mays pooping even though both have been dropping in recent months.

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