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Creepypasta is the term for any spooky stories on the internet that are concoted by the impaired imagination of the internet. They are by default meant to scare the readers, but to say they are as childish as a conveniance store's Halloween decorations is an understatement.

In YouTube PoopEdit

Some of the more popular  pastas are mentioned in today's YouTube Poops. Typically, one of the reputable characters from a pasta will be slapped onto the video for no more than two seconds on order to generate a cheap laugh from anyone who happens to know who it is.

Types of PastasEdit

Creepypastas are typically found on Wikia or 4chan where creativity is all the more nonexistent, thus every pasta can easily be categorized with a number of other tales of paper ghosts.

Serial Killer On The LooseEdit

The most popular kind of pasta are ones that tell stories of scawy serial killers who are mad because all the kids at the park laughed at them because they tripped over a root, so 30 years later, they decide to take their malevolent anger out on children who don't look where their going. One existing photograph proves their existence, so be careful out there.

Video Game PastasEdit

A guy gets a cartridge of a video game that is cursed/haunted and wisely decides to turn it on. A number of thing can happen which can be the characters dying horrific deaths or the game glitching up and crashing because the victim never cleans his N64. After all the spoopy events, the game will explode. Now, when the victim is in bed at night, the game WATCHES HIM.


So you want to commit suicide because you don't have a boyfriend at the age of 13? Why go through the trouble of simply hanging yourself when there a demon in your mirror that will skin you alive, rape you, imprison you in his lair for 1,000 years, and then drag you straight to Hell. The reason these rituals are suicide is because there is no reward or way to survive since calling up a spirit to drag you into the mirror is kind of a one-contract deal.

Notable PastasEdit

And by notable, we mean overrated and not scary in the slightest.

Slender ManEdit

"The SlelS, SleelS, ououououou - derman... nan. A being that was discocsvered at the Something Awful forums in the thread center around... SOMETHING AWFUL FORUMS! Sus. Aaaaaa. Eighties. NINETIES!"
– Narrator - Slenderman (A Myth of Humorous Exaggerated Proportions) by SINNED_tragedy.
A tall guy in a suit with no face stares at You from a distance, that's pretty much it. He has his own game of which the only real point is the wait for him pop up. What makes Slenderman a perfect example of human stupidity are the children who think he's real and sacrifice their friends to him so he won't scare them.


"So many souls to play with... so little time. Would you agree?"
– Sonic.exe at the end of the second level.
At first, you think he's Sonic. But then you see demonic, bleeding eyes on him and have a WTF moment. He also has his own game, depicting the deaths of the three main characters. Sonic.exe can ruin your childhood, but the thing is you can always play non-exe Sonic and the main characters KILLED will be ALIVE and WELL.

You lose, Sonic.exe.

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