"You are weak!"
– Doomsday
Containment Doomsday
Containment Doomsday is the one of the strongest creatures the universe had the intention of creating. No one can match his power. Not Broly, Not Goku, Not even You.


Lex Luthor launched a Kryptonite shard into space for unknown reasons (that are probably retarded) where it evolved slowly over time. After 69,000 years, the kryptonite shard turned into Containment Doomsday.


Run for your fucking life. He will kill you with no mercy. He has a lot of powers that will make You look stupid.

  • Massive Strength
  • Can Fly
  • Near Invulnerability
  • Bench pressing over 62K pounds.


  • Bio Broly
  • Burger King
  • Ronald McDonald
  • Waluigi (Resurrected a time later)


Oddly enough, Vegeta killed Containment Doomsday but Doomsday returned. As an even moar epic version of him: "Darkest Night Doomsday".

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