A list of comedy genres and types for YouTube Poops. Note that this list is never finished and will continue to expand as new fads come and go.

Genre Description Notable examples
Alternative comedy Differs from traditional punchline jokes which features many other forms of comedy such as observation, satire, surrealism, slapstick and improvisation IAmTheGang, Imaperson, Cartoonlover98
Black comedy or dark comedy Deals with disturbing subjects such as death, drugs, terrorism, rape, and war; can sometimes be related to the horror movie genre BangCoaches, Jackninja5, WalrusGuy, Cartoonlover98, KeeperOfPorridge, Koopa126, EmperorLemon, LinkOnDrugs
Blue comedy/Ribaldry Typically sexual in nature (risqué) and/or using profane language; often using sexism, racism, and homophobic views WTLNetwork, KeeperOfPorridge, WalrusGuy, BangCoaches, TheHogsOfWarKing, SuperYoshi, Koopa126, TTTEevstar, Quibbyjibby
Ear Rape Maximizing volume and distorts sound, usually by clipping, to annoy viewers KeeperOfPorridge, Cartoonlover98, Likety
Eye Rape When the creator will remix a clip with flashing, colorful editing to annoy viewers KeeperOfPorridge, Cartoonlover98, BaiocoIslandFilms, Likety, EmperorLemon
Insult comedy A form which consists mainly of offensive insults directed at the performer's audience and/or other performers Jackninja5, KeeperOfPorridge
Masking Objects/characters in a portion of a video are isolated and incorporated in a unique way; examples include the Thomas O Face. KeeperOfPorridge, BangCoaches, Likety
Observational comedy Pokes fun at everyday life, often by inflating the importance of trivial things or by observing the silliness of something that society accepts as normal WalrusGuy, TTTEevstar, Jackninja5, Likety
Pitch Shifting Altering the pitch of a particular segment of audio, often in random or planned sequence for the sake of emphasis or confusion KeeperOfPorridge, WalrusGuy, TheHogsOfWarKing, EmperorLemon
Sentence Mixing The most popular form of YouTube Poops include the user cutting and rearranging parts of speech to create new and often profane sentences or phrases. Pretty much all Michael Rosen and Mark Sabine poops are sentences mixing poops WalrusGuy, WTLNetwork, TheHogsOfWarKing, Likety, Jackninja5, KeeperOfPorridge, BangCoaches, Koopa126, EmperorLemon, Quibbyjibby, Richael Mosen, Nutty Rosen, Mad Mothz
Stutter Loops Loop short segments of video, often only a small fraction of a second in length, for the sake of emphasizing a particular part of the video KeeperOfPorridge, Likety, Cartoonlover98, Jackninja5, TTTEevstar, EmperorLemon, Boogidyboo
Surreal comedy A form of humor based on bizarre juxtapositions, absurd situations, and nonsense logic KeeperOfPorridge, WalrusGuy, WTLNetwork, BangCoaches, Cartoonlover98
Third Party Audio When a user uses sound from a show or game completely different from the show or game they are making the YouTube Poop on, usually thought to come from complete laziness of splicing BangCoaches, WalrusGuy, Gold3nb3ar, Jackninja5, VeryOldEngine, Boogidyboo
Topical comedy/Satire Relies on headlining/important news and current affairs; it dates quickly, but is a popular form for late night talk-variety shows BangCoaches, Jackninja5, KeeperOfPorridge, WalrusGuy