Colress with his head in the clouds as always.

Colress is the leader of a misfit group of Team Rocket rejects called Neo Team Plasma. His goal in life is to make as many scientific breakthroughs as possible and jerk off to them as hardly as possible. He was born with a strange strand of blue hair that becomes erect when he is aroused.

Personal lifeEdit




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Colress is the founder of Sciencology, which he claims is a "re-invention" of Scientology. He literally worships science yet still masturbates to it. Sciencology is completely irrelevant to theology, philosophy, or anything of the sort and can hardly be considered a religion at all, but more of a club for nerds like himself. Currently, the church only consists of him, Xerosic, and Charon who blasphemously sought to make it a profitable organization.


Team PlasmaEdit

Even as Ghetsis' chosen successor, Colress does very little with the multimillion-dollar organization that was handed to him on a golden plate. He only browses tumblr and fanfiction sites all day while Aldith picks up his work. All of his machines are borrowed from The Eds since he has no time to invent anything himself. He is always awake at 4 AM to work on his hair. After that he would go to the Krusty Krab for Krabby Patties that are jack full of shit.


After the war, Colress returned to Plasma where Ghetsis had returned to reassume control. The doctor decided to retire and celebrate by downing an unsafe amount of vodka. Before he knew it, he was in jail and Aldith was sent to a rape crisis clinic.

Becoming a heroEdit

After he was released from jail, Colress went to the mushroom kingdom. Upon arriving, he revived Princess Peach by having her lick his hair. He was later recognized as the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and was given unlimited Dinner.