Coconuts 3
Coconuts (born June 26, 1984 age 30) is a small robot monkey from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, who was demoted to Dr. Robotnik's janitor. Unhappy with his position, he attempted to capture Sonic the Hedgehog in hopes of obtaining a promotion. He is also an actor in YTP's. Robotnik made Coconuts at 14 years old. He is an optimist and is 5 years younger than Scratch and Grounder plus 7 years older than Sonic.

Joining the Death Squad Edit

After the UMA became to Death Squad, Coconuts joined them. He was also offered to be a part of the T.D Squad, but he refused because he hates Scratch and Grounder.

Death Edit

Coconuts was murdered by Scratch and Grounder when coconuts during a fight.

But thanks of his self-destruction, he got his final wish to kill Grounder. He came back to life afterwards...

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