Nazis at home

A typical Nazi hangout

A Nazi, an abbrevation from Nationalsozialist, is somebody who hates all other ethnicities than his own, especially Jews. They often have no friends, family and job, plus an IQ <88.

History Edit

Adolf Hitler led with other early big Nazis like Dr. Gero or the Super duper super man, his party, the NSDAP at WWII in Nazi Germany (see also the Age of Super duper super man). After Nazi Germany fell at 1945, the old nazis were haunted by the allied occupations (Britain, American and Soviet).

Age of Neonazis Edit

But the Nazi ideology did not yet die. Now, almost 70 years later, stupid retards called Neonazis think to must demonstrate against foreigner, foreign technology and any form of intelligence. You better not meet these guys.

Properties Edit

Things that each (Neo-)Nazi des:

  • Staring pointless into the void
  • Discriminating against everyone and everything other, especially slaves, black people and jews
  • Trying to use The Enclosed Instruction Book
  • Voting for Justin Bieber and the Welfare Party
  • Laughing about Yo Mama
  • Denying (or supporting) the Holocaust.
  • Yelling anti-foreign paroles

Nazi rate by state Edit


Nazis at work

(Neo-)Nazi Groups/PartiesEdit

Famous Nazis Edit

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