The Flag of Canada

Background Information
Demonym Canadian
Capital Brockville, Ontario
Final Year


Population 704 million (2020)
Government Type Presidental Democracy
HDI 0.934
Gini coefficient
Area 11,699,956 km² (4,517,353 sq mi)
•Land area: 9,619,466.5 km² (3,714,076 sq mi)

•Water area: 2,080,489.5 km² (803,277 sq mi)

Density 73.2/km² (189.5/sq mi)
Official Language English
Current Leader Jushit Trudung
National Anthem O Canda (Non-Binary Edition)
Motto From Coast to Coast
Today Part of
Classification Continental


Record High
Record Low
Summer Temperature
Winter Temperature
Other Notes
Currency 1 Dollar = 100 Cents
Gross Domestic Product 22 trillion Dollars
(22 trillion dollars)
GDP per capita 31,790.44 Dollars per capita
(31,790.44 dollars per capita)
Working population
Unemployment rate 1.7%
Exchange rate to the US-Dollar
Troops 10 million
Annual Military Spending 80 million Dollars
(80 million dollars)
Budget per soldier
Preceded by Hyrule Colony
Succeeded by Lowee, The Changpire, and 40+ other nations

A YTP map showing the sheer size of Canada.


9/10 times when the Canadian police are stopping violence, it's on the ice.

Canada (also incorrectly called "Canadia") is a nation north of the United States of America. It was once the world's most powerful nation and is home to many characters. The capital city is Brockville, Ontario. As of 2015, Canada has a reported ~650,000,000 people.


It's known that the logic of this place is wildly different than it's real world counterpart. Here, it rains shit, and there was a lot of pollution and war, with all the trees being cut down to make it easier to get shot (before Weegee led it back to glory.) The full extent of the changes is unknown. Smitty later got this fixed, and logic is the same in Canada as in other YTP nations. Canada is also the 2nd biggest country in YouTube Poop World (Mr. Roger's Empire being the first).

Summary of RelationsEdit





In 1562, the Kings ancestor, the King sent explorers to find a new land for Hyrule. They later came back from the north with Canada. Soon Hyrule formed Canada as a state of Hyrule.

Canadian RevolutionEdit

In 1636, the Canadian people got pissed at the King and started a revolution. The war lasted for eight years and ended with the rebels in victory and Canada becoming a nation.

Cartman LandEdit

In 1652, Eric Cartman gained political power, and invaded Canada. He then merged Canada and the United States into one nation, Cartman Land.

The Dictatorship of CanadaEdit

After Cartman's death, the power went over to Hannibal Lecture. Who reformed Cartman Land into a dictatorship known as the Dictatorship of Canada (he sold America to Google), during his rule, the Dictatorship of Canada became a superpower. However, all freedom and the environment were all but destroyed. The once beautiful nation became horribly polluted and fucked up.

Dr. Gero's AttackEdit

In ????, Dr. Gero tried to kill Duncan and all the Canadians for destroying the SSS Squad. However, his revenge was stopped by the DoC's giant military, but Dr. Gero blamed Goku and Vegeta.

Dead CanadaEdit

After Hannibal Lecture's death, the DoC collapsed. After that, Canada became war-torn.


In the late 1700s, Canada rose back up as Wumbo University was moved here. The nation returned to its former greatness. Wumboism was struggling to take hold.

Weegee EmpireEdit


The Weegee Empire's Flag. June 2012 - April 2015

In 1806, Weegee rose to power, and the Weegee Empire of Canada was formed. Eventually, Weegee became obsessed with Wapizzeria and quit politics, in which former Vice-president Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen got elected as the new President, who has been serving as the President for to this day.

Wumbo CanadaEdit

Canada was rebuilt by the Wumbo Party and became only of most free nations in the world. With the current president being Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen. However, Canada is despised in most countries, except Bikini Bottom, and Minecraftia.

Attack FredEdit

Fred Figglehorn later hacks the airwaves of Canada and forced the Canadian people to watch all his stupid videos for 24 hours, because of that 13000 people committed suicide that day. Two years later, Smitty sent troops into Equestria and got Fred killed. This resulted in Celestia dying because of a mysterious disease spread on her castle and Tirek taking over the nation afterwards.


Over the years, Canada remained a strong military and economic force in the world. However, as time went on Canada's economy slowly grew very unstable. Eventually, a major stock market crash occurred and things turned completely to shit. In 2020 (thanks to Trudeau), Canada finally collapsed into ruins under its own destroyed economy.


Cat IntelligenceEdit

Weegee supports the idea. However, the majority of Congress and the majority of the Senate doesn't. For now, Canada remains neutral.

Internation Infrastructure StandardsEdit

For a while, the issue was in a deadlock. Weegee and Smitty was mainly neutral on the matter. Eventually, Canada decided that they will not sign the treaty after a majority by one vote in Congress decided not to.



  • 42.2% Human (Mushroom Kingdom descent)
  • 36.9% Mobian (Mobius descent)
  • 9.7% Pony (Equestria descent)
  • 8.9% Elf (Hyrule descent)
  • 2.3% Other (Other descent)


Sexual OrientationEdit

  • 60.5% Heterosexual
  • 15.5% Homosexual
  • 10% Bisexual
  • 9.5% Lamp Sexual
  • 4.5% Asexual


  • The flag was recently changed because their old flag was inappropriate. (It had a maple leaf, despite Canada not having any trees at the time.)
  • The Canadian government officially sponsors the Elite Cactus Squad and uses it as its military.
  • Canada is based on the IRL United States.
  • Nearly half of YouTube Poop World hates Canada.
  • Canada is divided into 13 administrative divisions; 10 provinces and three territories.
  • Canada's anthem was formerly O Canada, but it changed because the old one sucks ass.
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