Even Patrick got it right.

Butthurt, "I'm offended!", or "I'm triggered!" is the state of mind that one enters when they read or see something that offends their fragile ideology, often compounded with the fact that they have no valid arguments to lead a proper discussion.


When someone is Butthurt, they will often exhibit a few easy to see traits. These traits are most often seen amongst the person You but also by others in rarer cases:

  • Will try to censor the content that offends them.
  • May place trigger warnings.
  • Could go to Twitter and start a hashtag campaign.
  • Writes a blog post of why you should be banned for saying such offensive/racist/sexist things.
  • Begins vandalizing and spamming in hopes that they and their cronies will revolt.

Sometimes you just have luck if you used an effective argument: Then your "contrahent" probably went to its basement (if he doesn't already live there, like e.g. those guys) and has begun to cry intensively like a girl.

Sometimes it is fun to make other people butthurt, until you become butthurt yourself and you get triggered.


If you belong to the following ideologies, you are likely to respond with butthurt if someone goes against such:

  • Fundamentalist religious sects (The WBC, Wahhabism, etc.)
  • Antitheism
  • Feminism
  • LGBT
  • Radical left or right wing beliefs (from Nazism to Communism)
  • Supporting of banning offensive speech (authoritarians)
  • Bronyism
  • Fanboys/Fangirls
  • Nostalgia Fags
  • BLM
  • KKK
  • PewDieism
  • Weeabooism
  • Anything to do with Spirit Science
  • Space Jews
  • Tumblr
  • SJWs
  • Valleydalism