Bungholism is YouTube Poop World's biggest religion, with 34% of the population believing it.


The Prophet CornholioEdit

One day a man from Niguargua, named Cornholio had a vision. After that he left the United States to spead the word of the Almighty Bunghole. He faced hatered from the Christian community, and was struggling to establish the church. He then met a cult who followed him, eventually he got bored and left.

The Church of the Almighty BungholeEdit

The cult then went on the establish the Church of the Almighty Bunghole, which soon became the second biggest church in the world, next to Christianity. Eventually the Church of the Almighty Bunghole became the first biggest church when Christianity fell, no one knows why.


Today, the religion is known as Bungholism. It is still quite popular.


In most modern and Educated nations, Bungholism is on the decline. Canada, Finland, the United Kingdom and even France have shown decline in the religion's polularity. The religion is dying the fastest in Finland and Sweden, but for other reasons in Sweden.

The modern research from Wumbo University states that:

"There are many possible reasons for the the decline of Bungholism. Many cite the fact that they are converting to others, but some are leaving religion altogether. It would be a surprise if Bungholism survives the next Century."

Despite everything, Bungholism is still has 34% of YouTube Poop World's population.

Rules of the ChurchEdit

Every religion has them.

  1. You must have TP for your bunghole.
  2. Don't let you bungholio get polio.
  3. Gays get one ply (conservative bungholians only)
  4. When a person dies, they are to be buried with their TP.
  5. Every Sunday, worship by TPing you own house.

Notable Member of the religionEdit