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Mark Buckley  (born 1972, died 1998, age 26) was a retard and Luanne's Ex-boyfriend who worked in Mega Lo Mart as a hardware Department salesman, greeter, and finally manager of the Propane Department. Buckley was killed in an explosion thanks to Hank Hill.

Finding The Tap And Die,A WD40, And A Damned Hammer

Hank Hill visits the Mega Lo Mart looking for the hardware department so he can buy a tap and die and WD40. There He asked Buckley for Were to find the Hardware Department. But Unfortunately, He was unable to help Hank because he was stupid and gay. And Hank was started to get pissed off at him because he is a retard. Hank's angry confrontation is seen by locals who then begin to spread rumors that Hank may be abusive to his son, Bobby. Bobby knocked down some Oil cans and Buckley told Hank that he has to pay for it, Hank hit Buckley in the head with a Damned hammer he was looking for.

Destruction Of Mega Lo Mart (AKA Buckley's Death)

Hank began working at the Mega Lo Mart after the chain began offering big propane discounts, which had driven Strickland Propane out of Arlen. Upon being hired and expressing his frustration with other former small business owners (also now working at the Mega Lo Mart), Hank and a few others planned to Blow up Mega Lo Mart With the Propane filled canisters for his Explosive Revolution. The propane explosion occurred Thanks to Hank Hill, The Revolution was a success. The Mega Lo Mart blew up into smithereens and it killed Buckley in the store. Thanks to Hank Hill Mega Lo Mart is forever destroyed by the Propane Bombs and Buckley is now dead, This Makes Hank Hill the Hero of Strickland Propane.


  • He killed 7 women at Rudy's Tacos
  • He was so retarded and uneducated, that he never has been to any schools
  • He raped a pig when he was a kid
  • He plays Minecraft for 69 hours a week.