Being creepy as usual, I see!

Full Name
Background Information
Likes Princess Peach
Dislikes The Mario Bros
Nationality Dark Landian
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Sexual Orientation N/A
Physical Description
Species Koopa
Gender Male
Age 1000+
Hair Color
Fur Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level
Date Joined

King Bowser Koopa is just your average neighbour, peeking over the fence to spy on you, and leaving threatening letters on it to make sure you stay in line.

Oh, and he's also a sex offender.

Character Description

Bowser is constantly trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. He believes he can do this by kidnapping the Princess instead of killing her or something. He would then take her to his castle, tell everyone where she is, send his retarded minions to walk around, places power-ups to help Mario rescue her, and stand on a bridge with an axe conveniently placed right behind him. He does not learn from his mistakes, and continues the usual strategy to this day, only difference is; he now sends his children to commit crimes for him; isn't he a great parent? He was temporarily killed by The King but was revived by his sons Bowser Jr and Iggy Koopa.


Bowser had a rather traumatic childhood. His father was a minotaur and his mother crested lizard. Her mother considered more attractive than Bowser and his father was subject to continuous rape by him. One day, Bowser took the rifle from his father and killed his mother and father and rape them just for fun. Now older, he began to pursue the princess and kidnap her. No one has ever known why he was chasing, but many people believe he was for fuck her and create a new species (something he learned from his mother). After many years trying to defeat Mario, he saw that definitely couldn't be stopped and decided to create new plans.

Finally, he founded along with Wario, Bowser Land; but he leave the business to Wario and retired to his country in Mobius. Currently working as image consultant Bowsy and Ludwig, although CIA sources argue that in fact are planning an offensive to take over the world. He And wario later on Joined E.V.I.L

Family (other than already mentioned)

  • Lord Hater (Clone)
  • Morton Koopa Sr. (Brother)
  • Poompa La Koopa (Grandfather)
  • Barney The Dinosaur (Deceased brother who Bowser suffocated with a pillow)
  • Ventus (nephew)
  • Clawdina Koopa (ex or deceased Wife)
  • Wart (possibly)
  • Kamek (Stepfather)
  • Kammy Koopa (unknown, her last name is just Koopa)
  • Tyrantrum (Stepbrother)
  • Peach (Wife(Technically not))
  • Dry Bowser

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  • He has an archenemy named Fred.

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