"The Boneknapper has no roar at all. That's why he's terrifying. He's a silent killer."
– Gobber Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon
Boneknapper is a dragon that use bones to dress UP as a skeleton. The last bone shall give it's ALmighty Roar. If you give it what ever it's looking for it We'll BE like and oversized puppy dog

Likes Edit

  • Colleting bones
  • GETTING whatever it's looking for
  • Gobber
  • Cupcakes

Dislikes Edit

Boneknapper Clip It's Right Behind Us Isn't?00:29

Boneknapper Clip It's Right Behind Us Isn't?

the almighty boneknapper roar

Not GETTING the thing he is looking for.

Gobbers new dragon (HTTYD 2)


  • despite all those bones that make up there amor. they are siad not to make any sound, at all.
  • like a sea-bear this creature too was told as a myth

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