Bob in real life looking for more suckers.

Bob the Tomato is the evil mastermind behind an underground society of talking vegetables called the VeggieTales.

He plans to replace humanity with his legion of mutant produce by turning humans into vegetables. It is unknown how he can do this, but he prefers to target the youth for a more long term effect. The numbers in his society are quickly dwindling due to them being eaten.


Main article: VeggieTales

Bob runs a direct-to-video show with his butler, Larry where he and his underlings entertain children. He originally wrote retellings of biblical stories, bur later moved on to uninspired movie parodies but still with Christian morals to hide the lies he feeds to unsuspecting home schoolers.

Role In The UprisingEdit

Bob noticed that too many kids were watching My Little Pony instead of his show, so he joined an underground crime syndicate where he was surrised to see that his rival, Mr. Nezzer also joined. Like the rest of the members, Bob had a personal reason to go after Princess Celestia so he planned the cut them off when the time came.

After Celestia was forced to retreat into Arendelle, the group met to decide what to do with her. It was decided that Celestia would be killed, but Queen Elsa and Mr. Nezzer decided to keep the fallen tyrant sheltered in hopes of getting her hands on the Elements of harmony. When Bob found out, he killed Nezzer (somehow) and went off the finish Celestia himself.

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