The Green Bloon Is One Of The Most Common Bloons.

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Bloons are a race of sentient balloons that exist in massive quantities that are found in the Bloons Series by Ninja Kiwi. There are many types of Bloons, ranging from Bloons such as the one seen to the right to gigantic blimps of death. They hate monkeys so much, that a huge series of games was made just to show it.

The Bloons are constantly developing new technology. While their first attack only consisted of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, and White Bloons, by their third attack they made the Massive Ornary Air Blimp - the first M.O.A.B. Class Bloon. By their fourth attack, they developed new technologies to become hidden from sight and by their fifth they could regrow their layers and potentially duplicate. However, the Monkeys have always been several steps ahead of them in terms of technology.

Bloon ClassesEdit

There are many types of Bloons, and here they have been grouped together.

Weak BloonsEdit

The Weak Bloons are the weakest types of Bloons, being vulnerable to everything. They were also the first of the species. These consist of the Red, Blue, and Green Bloons - weak Bloons that are rather slow. Thanks to the Sorting Algorithm of Evil, they are always the first Bloons to be fought in an attack.

The three Weak Bloons also have varying strength levels. While all three types are weak, the Green Bloons are the strongest of the Weak Bloons and the Red Bloons are the weakest of them. Blue Bloons are in between.

Fast BloonsEdit

Fast Bloons are not very tough, not only being vulnerable to everything but are actually just as fragile as the Weak Bloons. However, they make up for their weakness with pure speed. At the first attack, this class only consisted of Yellow Bloons. However, by the fourth attack, Pink Bloons were developed. The D.D.T., an M.O.A.B.-class Bloon, can also be included in this category due to its ridiculously fast speed.

Despite both of them being weak, Pink Bloons are stronger than Yellow Bloons. And if you thought the ridiculous speed of the Yellow Bloons was bad, Pink Bloons are somehow faster!

The Fast Bloons are also the most intelligent of the Bloons, being able to outsmart even Super Monkeys.

Thermal BloonsEdit

Thermal Bloons are resilient Bloons with varying immunities. While they are not as fast as the Fast Bloons, they are faster than the Weak Bloons. This class contains the Black, White, and Zebra Bloons. Lead Bloons, the D.D.T., and the Camo Bloon prototypes can also be included in this category due to their similar abilities.

Each Bloon in this category has its own immunity. Black Bloons are immune to explosions, White Bloons are immune to freezing, and Zebra Bloons are immune to both. Lead Bloons are immune to sharp objects and the Camo Bloon prototypes couldn't be detected by normal means. The D.D.T. is immune to explosions and sharp objects.

The Black and White Bloons existed by the first attack. The Lead Bloons existed by the second attack. Zebra Bloons and the Camo prototypes were introduced in the fourth attack.

As for the Camo Bloon prototypes, they were much weaker than the fully developed Camo Bloons. The prototypes may have been just as hard to detect, but they could still be hit by projectiles that were meant to hit other Bloons. Compare this to the modernized Camo Bloons that could only be hit by projectiles specifically meant to target them. However, the Monkeys have developed much more technology to detect Camo Bloons by the time they were modernized.

Special Bloons Edit

These bloons have special properties, which the only two are Camo (fully developed) and Regrow. Camo Bloons cannot be detected by most towers, and cannot be hit by their projectiles, unlike the prototype, while Regrow Bloons can regrow back into its original size. These properties can be applied to almost any type of bloon.

Elite BloonsEdit

The Elite Bloons are tough and swift Bloons that can easily overwhelm an army of Monkeys unless the fleet of Monkeys is strong enough. They are rather fast, only beaten by the Fast Bloons. This class only includes Rainbow Bloons and Ceramic Bloons.

While Rainbow Bloons are only resilient, known for containing a bundle of Thermal Bloons, Ceramic Bloons are another story. Their thick shell can take quite a beating before the Ceramic Bloon pops. Additionally, while glue is effective on all other Bloons before this, Glue has a decreased effect on Ceramic Bloons.

Rainbow Bloons were introduced in the second attack and Ceramics were introduced in the third. However, Rainbow Bloons were given a slight improvement in the fourth attack. Ceramics still have the cutting edge over Rainbows, however.

M.O.A.B.-Class BloonsEdit

By the third attack, the Bloons developed advanced new technology. While this technology also gave rise to the Ceramic Bloon, a more notable advance is the Massive Ornary Air Blimp. It is a large bulky blimp that changes appearance every time the Bloons make new technology. It, being a major influence on the Bloons, allowed development of many more powerful Bloons.

The Massive Ornary Air Blimp was the Mother Of All Bloons at the time, and like said above it is large and bulky. It is very powerful and (believe it or not) rather deadly, despite being a standard blue blimp. It is also rather resilient, making the Ceramic Bloon look wimpy.

By the fourth attack, the Bloons made a new blimp based off the M.O.A.B.: the B.F.B.. Many people think that B.F.B. stands for Big Fat Bloon, but it really means Brutal Floating Behemoth. It is exceptionally stronger in resilience terms, but its slowness and greater size more than makes up for that. The only reason that it's stronger is because it stores four M.O.A.B.s in its docking bay.

The fifth attack introduced the strongest Bloons to date. The beginning of the fifth attack had a new Bloon based off the previous technology: this new Bloon is the Zeppelin of Mighty Gargantuanness. It is extremely resilient, being over five times stronger than the Brutal Floating Behemoth, while not suffering much of a speed loss due to improved engines. This blimp is also resistant to abilities that would instantly kill M.O.A.B.s and B.F.B.s, taking FOUR of these abilities to kill it if the ability EVEN AFFECTS IT.

Later on in the fifth attack, a new blimp was made. This blimp is the Dark Dirigible Titan, often abbreviated D.D.T. and named after a deadly pesticide banned in many places. It is as fast as the Pink Bloon and holds the resistances of Black AND Lead Bloons. It also has the Camoflouge technology that took years to perfect equipped on it. On top of this, the D.D.T. is almost twice as resilient as an M.O.A.B., with the D.D.T. taking a full-blown NUKE to kill. And even then, the six Camo-Regen Ceramics tucked away deep in the docking bay survive as if nothing happened.

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As if everything else wasn't enough! When the Monkeys developed technology that proved superior to every attack method the Bloons sent them during the first two attacks, the Bloons realized they needed something bigger...MUCH bigger... And so, in the third attack, the Bloons launched the prototype for an ever-growing line of diabolical dirigible weapons: the Massive Ornery Air Blimp, or MOAB! Even just one of them can be quite a challenge to overcome, as a MOAB takes about 200 hits to pop, and when it does, four Ceramics come out! And if a MOAB-Class Bloon of any type escapes the battlefield, it's INSTANT DEATH!!!!! Also, glue and ice have no effect on them. The only drawback is, MOABs move pretty slowly.

But the Bloons saw a future for this weapon, and in the fourth attack they created an even bigger blimp: the Brutal Floating Behemoth, or BFB (noobs like to call it "Big Fat Blimp"). It is said that BFBs require a whopping 700 hits to be popped, and then you have the four MOABs that it spawns to look forward to. But once again, the BFB proved to be a very sluggish enemy, moving about half the speed of a Red Bloon. Pretty ironic that the strongest Bloon ever moves slower than the weakest one, right? Oh wait! BFB is not the strongest...

In the fifth attack, the Bloons decided to go bigger still, and what came out of that decision was the Zeppelin of Might Gargantuaness, or ZOMG! It's so huge and deadly, it has an ominous black and green paint job and even a skull tattoo on its back! Aside from taking thousands of hits to pop, spawning four BFBs upon its death, and moving TEN TIMES SLOWER than a RED BLOON, this monster's gigantic size grants it many immunities that no other bloon could even hope to achieve! The Ground Zero bomb and MOAB Assassins can't destroy it in one hit like everything else, and the Monkey Pirates' harpoons can't even put a dent in its rock-solid hide! But did the Bloons stop there? NO!

After the Monkeys announced that they were going to build huge cities all over the place because they could pop Bloons, the Bloons realized the Monkeys were able to best all the MOABS, and decided to take a completely different approach as they prepared a full-scale invasion on Monkey City. This led to the creation of the Bloons' msot diabolic weapon yet—the DDT!


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