Big Bird is a character on the TV show Sesame Street.


Big Bird was once an orphan baby bird who lost his family during migration and was taken in by a mad scientist who experiments with animals and humans. He then switches the bird's brain with the brain of an orphan. The bird then grows higher than his normal size and starts to speak English. His feathers start turning yellow as his orphan brain starts infusing with his body. He then "moves" to a new location code named "Sesame Street" where he meets new friends and now lives in a hut in the alley.

Rise to insanity, addiction, and deathEdit

After a year since he moved, Big Bird started to constantly feel a twitch as his childlike brain started to grow. He also smoked meth and that made him twitch more. He usually climbed up buildings, ate meat all the time and started laying eggs on people.

Elmo tried to calm him down but he skinned him alive! He started going crazy killing everyone on the street. He then threw Stinky the Plant into the sewers because of his sarcasm where he'll die in the sewage.

Big Bird was captured by the Environmental Protection Agency and it turned out that the one who found him when he was a chick was working for the EPA. After an experiment, he was thrown into a giant blender as part of a giant smoothie to feed the homeless. (Recgonize anything? See Sid the Science Kid and Super Why)

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