Bieber Fever is a virus infecting millions of eight to fourteen year old girls and. However, it was recently confirmed by doctors however that the virus had spread to socialist guys, adult women who were substitute teachers & and single moms. Patients who have it have called themselves Beliebers.


Many people believe that the virus was created by the monster those infected worship, Justin Bieber. However, some studies have hinted that it may have been originally spread from hippies.

Additionally, the music industry may be to blame as well.


  • Hypocrisy
  • Butthurt
  • Inability to accept the terrible things JB has done
  • Staking (gambling)
  • Inability to accept differing opinions on their pop idol


Unfortunately, those with Bieber Fever can't admit the problem. Drake Bell has tried to cure this horrible disease. He's gotten doctors known as Drakesters to work on a cure known as "Project BELLieve". But Beliebers still try to stop him by bullying him.[[Category:]]