Benito Mussolini is a fat-ass,stupid,gay,idiotic,cobard,fat guy that tries to conquer Hyrule Castle and YouTube Poop World using his favorite weapon...the Spaghetti.

He is an ugly fat guy that nobody(except the Nazis and Japanese) know about him.


Not so far, Mussolini worked in Koridai like a master of karate with a squirrel called Fizzy Walnuts. When he finished his work in Koridai, he fell in love with Hirohito. Hirohito recruited him but just like his second pet because his first pet was Hideki Tojo. Mussolini then worked like the general in Spaghetti land (a unknown world) by a day because he was banned by Fat Mario. He's also idiotic like Super duper super man.


  • Hirohito
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Be treated like trash
  • Getting raped(but ends up raping Hitler instead)
  • Be like Super duper super man
  • Conquer the world



With assistance from Claude Frollo, Duncan manipulates Hirohito into believing Goebbels and Mussolini are having an affair. Hirohito, unaware Goebbels is gay, and believing Mussolini (his boyfriend) to be capable of cheating on him, kills them both personally, neither of them knowing why.