Arthur's Massive, Throbbing Hit





Comedy Genres:

Ribaldry, black comedy, surreal humor

Arthur's Massive, Throbbing Hit is one of WalrusGuy's most famous YouTube Poops. It is so, way much more like a graphical remake of the Arthur T. V. Series-Like Franchise-Like Season-Like Episode-Like Appearance's: "Arthur's Big Hit" where Arthur punches his young sister, D.W. right only, in the left humerus arm bone and then suddenly, he ends up getting punished by his parents who they had still tried to be so, super hardly end up deciding to end up grounding him to watch some T. V. for a whole, entire big 7-day weekend.


It all, began with Arthur only, in his bedroom while showing his sister, D.W. his Robotic approved penis, and comments that it is hard, but D.W. touches it and it pours out some cum all over his bedroom, everywhere and breaks down. Then suddenly, a very, violently steamed away Arthur then proceeds to end up beating up his sister, D.W. way much more by ripping out her internal organs, then devouring and eating her flesh so, way much more brutally (in which D.W. miraculously survives). Then suddenly, his mother, Jane shouts out: "ARTHUR TIMOTHY READ, COME HERE!?*." in an angry tone of voice.

Youtube Poop Arthur s Massive Throbbing Hit01:34

Youtube Poop Arthur s Massive Throbbing Hit

The episode

Later, only in the kitchen, Arthur's dad, David decided to amputate his daughter, D.W.'s arm with a chainsaw as his mother, Jane tells her son, Arthur to apologize to his sister, D.W. Then suddenly, Arthur ends up refusing to his mother, Jane and he shows her here about the broken penis of his. While, he was speaking all about all of this calamity of commotion to his mother, Jane that he rather was still end up telling D.W. way much more repeatedly to stop touching it and that it is: "still kind of sideways at the end of the day".

The next day, Arthur shows Binky's penis after he dropped it. Binky punches Arthur for having it which makes him knock Arthur out unconsciously cold. Later, D.W. asks her dad, David that why will not her brother, Arthur will not wake up and her dad, David still rather thinks to his daughter, D.W. that her brother, Arthur looks still almost rather seemingly dead to David's own mind still right in front of his daughter, D.W.'s face.


  • Despite the title, Arthur did more than just hit his sister, D.W., he did a slaughter.
  • Voice clips from the episode "So Long, Spanky" are also used.
  • The clips that show large amounts of blood from the force of Arthur's punch are from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • When D.W. is still beaten up by Arthur her internal organs are scattered everywhere but in the next scene her injuries have disappeared. However she later ends up getting amputated in a very, painful way afterwards by her dad, David.

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