A example of an Anti-Canadian flag.

Anti-Canadianism is the hatred of the country of Canada and its people. The country itself is very controversial for its military actions.

Anti-Canadianism by nationEdit

The Pingas EmpireEdit

The first time when Anti-Canadianism sparked in the Robians nation was when Canada declared war on them alongside Mobius in order to stop the slavery in the country. The invasion remains one of the most controversial military actions in modern times.


Time to Destroy Canada

Time to Destroy Canada

An example.

Canada and Arendelle are bitter rivals, and the government of Arendelle teaches Anti-Canadianism to the children of the nation.


While extremely minor, Anti-Canadianism is even found in Canada's closet ally. About 12% of the Mobian population considers themselves Anti-Canadian in the sense that they believe Canada is pushing their culture on Mobius.

The common qualities of Anti-Canadian such as death threats and flag burning is very rare in Mobius.

Mr. Roger's EmpireEdit

Anti-Canadianism started in Mr. Roger's Empire ever since the Canadian Revolution. When Canada surpassed Mr. Roger's Empire as YouTube Poop World's leading power, Anti-Canadianism in the country grew.


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