Amethyst's Torta after being infected by the Ebola Cola

Amethyst's Torta was a ham sandwich created and made by Amethyst. Her goal was to make enough ham sandwiches to open her own restaurant and become richer.

Unfortunately, one day when Amethyst was going to show the sandwich to all the world, Steven Universe appeared with Ebola Cola. When he opened it, the Ebola Cola splashed all over the ham sandwich, ruining it and destroying Amethyst's dreams. This also made Amethyst reveal that she can speak Spanish. Furious, Amethyst yelled at Steven in Spanish until she ran out of air, raped Steven and traumatized him for what he did.

It is speculated that Grimlock stole Amethyst's secret formula to benefit his restaurant but it's still uncertain.


Steven Universe - NOOOOOO, MI TORTA!!!!

Steven Universe - NOOOOOO, MI TORTA!!!!