"Good Morning USA!"
– American Dad

You can just feel the patriotism

American Dad is a show created by the guy Seth MacFarlane. The show is basically a more Republican, more biased, and much weirder than Family Guy. It was made in 2005 which means it was there just to replace Family Guy in case people got bored of it but of course, it has nowhere near the quality of Family Guy.


The show literally has no plot. It surrounds the strangeness of a family of pedophiles and retards. Every episode puts the sarcasm and down sided version of the American Government. The show takes place in Langley Falls, Virginia. It mainly follows the very strange problems around them.


  • Stan Smith => The main character. Proud and overconfident, he believes America can solve anyone's problems. He is one of America's most hated people because of this.
  • Francine Smith => Wife and a bit retarded. She cannot tell the difference between the alphabet and the number system.
  • Steve Smith => The weakling son of Stan. He is a pervert and watches porn.
  • Haley Smith => Hippie mofo that can't do anything
  • Jeff Smith => Same as Haley
  • Roger => The drunk, annoying, and dumbass alien

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