"With great power, bitches!"
– Albert Adams

Albert Adams
Albert Adams is most notable as Steve's uncle, and the one who raised her after his boss was seen unfit to raise a child. Despite being better Dr. Weird, he's not that much better. His moral lesson is when you have power, you must abuse it all costs.

He was born in Empire City (formerly called Toronto), where he still resides. In later life, he and his wife raised their niece Steve since he was six. After his wife's death, Albert surprisingly got over it in one hour after realizing that he was now single.

Wife's FuneralEdit

During the funeral of his wife, he got into the coffin and started to hump it. It was later pointed out that he wasn't humping the corpse of his wife, but of someone else's wife. He then said "Give me five minutes" and was dragged away from the corpse. He then walked over to his wife real corpse, and accidentally pushed her into a fire.

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