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– Adolf Hitler raging over Fegelein's antics

Adolf Hitler
Full Name
Background Information
Status Deceased (Real-Life)
Alive and well (Downfall Parodies and YouTube Poop)
Undead (Video games, movies, etc.)
Nationality Austrian, but spent most of his life in Germany.
Alignment Lawful Evil
Sexual Orientation Straight
Physical Description
Age 56 (At death in real-life)
Hair Color
Fur Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level
Family A woman (Eva Braun) that was forced to married him (wife).

Karla Hitler (mother) Alois Hitler (Father)


Adolf Hitler, better known as Hitler, Der Führer, Dolfy or Poor Old Man (born April 20, 1889; age 127, died April  30, 1945, 71 years ago) was an evil German general and dictator.


Hitler was born in Mario's hotel on April 20, 1889. When his Brother died, he turned into a Nazi and he hated his father so badly that he even threw Paint at him!!

Adolf Hitler was infected by Hermann Fegelein with the Pingas Virus.

Adolf Hitler is leader of the YTP Nazis and grammar Nazis. Some say Hitler is dead. He is in Barney's Hell with Osama Bin Laden and Osama Bin Ladens son Obama Bin Laden.

Hitler was forced to have a rap battle with Darth Vader in Epic Rap Battles of History while he was in Hyrule State Prison. He died when Vader cut him in half. He was sent back to Barney's hell.



Hitler's pet Edit

Hitler's pet03:15

Hitler's pet

Adolf Hitler owned a black raven called "Braun". He can talk, but he's equally stupid and racist like his owner.

Mein KampfEdit

Once Hitler rose to power in Germany, he put all his hypnotic energy into a brainwashing book called Mein Kampf (an evil version of The Enclosed Instruction Book) to get all Germans to hate Jews just as much as Hitler did so he could assemble an army of hapless hypnotized Germans called Nazis.

Molested by a Certain JewEdit

Adolf Hitler Anime Opening HD01:30

Adolf Hitler Anime Opening HD

When Hitler was watching SNL one day, he heard a noise and came in his office and found a pair of glasses on his desk, after looking at them. Drew Pickles (who found his glasses) touched his butt and molested him. Hitler choked Drew and beat him unconscious. He then called Hyrule State Prison to arrest him, but Drew awoke and managed to escape by jumping into his Pingas Mobile. Hitler became bisexual after the incident and swore vengeance on all Jews.

Trivia Edit

  • He is one of the few people who aren't able to be an hero because he killed himself.
  • Hitler still lives on, in the shriveled up hearts of the Neo-Nazi.
  • Hitler had only one ball, he losed the other one (his right) during the WWI.

Quotes Edit

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