Abed Cool Cool Cool Cool

Abed is a main character from NBC's Community. He created YouTube Poop World and maintains his role as God in YouTube Poop World.


Community - Abed. Cool cool cool Pew

Community - Abed. Cool cool cool Pew.

Abed saying his catchphrase.

Abed has asperger's which makes him act very strangely. He is a Muslim, but he participates in Christian holidays such as Christmas. He is also known to compare real life to movies and TV shows. He also has the ability to immediately know the flaw in the appearance of every girl he sees, but he swore to only use that power on "bitches". He never shows emotion and always says "Cool - Cool Cool Cool". He is also very childish, he's above 21 yet he still makes pillow forts and built an imagination room (makes Spongebob and Patrick Star's box look like a normal box).

Role in YouTube Poop World

One day, Abed bought Sony Vegas and then created a video project. This video project became YouTube Poop World. Meaning, the meaning of life Abed's amusement. 

Character Info


  • Troy (best friend)
  • Movies and TV Shows
  • Saying "Cool - Cool Cool Cool"
  • Christmas


  • When his favorite shows are cancelled.
  • Evil Abed