Aamanee Mayeda Style
Aamanee Mayeda Style






Saudi Arabian





Aamanee Mayeda Style (maiden name Abullah) was the wife of Gwonam.


Aamanee Mayeda Style was born in 1939 in a wealthy household. She was rarely allowed to go outside and was betrothed to the snobbish Al Dossari, despite her refusal. In 1964, she met Oppan Gwonam Style, whom she fell in love with. Things took a turn for the worse when her family and fiancee found out about her affair, she was locked in her room and beaten every night. One night, Gwonam came to her window to take her away on a magic carpet, which he acquired by means unknown, and elope with her.

They finally married in 1966 and had three children. Aamanee thought her troubles were over until 1970 when she was located by her brother, Najeed who attacked her with drain acid in retaliation for her humilliating the family. Aamanee, in a state of complete paralysis, was placed in extreme care. After a few days, she died of third degree burns.

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