"It is the job of the longplayer trust, to keep the trust going."
– Toom Scott, when he got sappy and emotional

A Few Years01:27

A Few Years

A Few Years is a short YTP by Adam9812.

Plot (It is a stretch to call it that)Edit

In the YTP, Tom Scott bullshits about how making something last a few years is hard. Hell, even this wiki is a few years old. He also says other idiotic shit about humans lasting 100,000 years.

After getting tired of being non-bigoted, he started saying some racist things about soviets, and the fact they are forced to sing in the Soviet Tower for 1000 years.

Near the end, he started getting all emotional and sappy, saying "It is the job of the longplayer trust, to keep the trust going.". Most people know this as one hoof his feigns of emotion, just to be a view hore.

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