YTP ~ 24601 Releases a Sammich on Parole02:20

YTP ~ 24601 Releases a Sammich on Parole

24601 Releases a Sammich on Parole is a Youtube Poop created by DaThings1. It is a remake of the musical number "Look Down", from the 2012 film, Les Miserables. The video features Huge Ackman as Joj Valjeaj and Sussel Crow as Jajvert.

Plot Edit

Javert is about to release Prisoner 24601 on Parole, so he gives him a gun and a paper that warns that he's a man.

Jean Valjean explains that his sister's child was the child of Death, and that he stole a loaf of bread because they were starving. Javert replies that he is going to starve again, which causes both going LOL. However, Javert tells Valjean that he must learn the meaning of "laruziouschnoosh", which Valjean mistakes with the meaning of "ishnowzooice".

Javert suddenly states that Valjean is a dangerous nun. Valjean clarifies that his name is actually Joj Valjeaj, which Javert replies that his true name is Jajvert and adds: "Do not forget my name. Do not forget my mom". Then, he demands Jean Valjean to give him a sandwich. Valjean gives him the sandwich, which Javert quickly eats, but then confesses that the bread was stolen, making Javert to be angry and shoot him with the gun.

The video ends with a remix of the famous "I'm Javert" scene.

Script Edit

NowwoN. NoN. NOW prisoner 24602060451, you're no one. Lol! Your time is up and your time is up and your time is up! And I'm Javert. You know what that means? (Means I'm freeeeeee)no(eeeeeeeeee)no.(eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)NO! Sauce sauce sauce. Your gun. (Yes!) No! (Yes!) No! (YES!) NO! FaaF! To the left to the right to the left to the right. Eeririe. It warns you're a man. (hsh) NaaaN. (Whsh!) NaN. (I stolealoleoleloaf of breeeeeeead) And I'm Javert. (My sister's child was cloaked. Wewewew.) Now six up role's that let tin shame 'til dain five what trying six and Jav get get. (My sister's child was the child of death. We were starving.) You will starve again. Lol. (Lol.) And I'm Javert. Unless you learn the meaning of laruziouschnoosh. (Or the meaning of ischnowzooice. OHHHHHHHHH.) FAAAF! What? You're a dangerous nun. Yes, 666. (My name is JoJ Valjeaj.) And I'm Jajvert. Do not forget my name. Do not forget my name. Do not forget my mom. 2fort. Get me a sandwich. NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM. Woah. (I stole the bread.) Die!

AND I'M JAVERT! I'm Javert I'm I'm Javert. I'm Jave-e-e-e-Javert. Now prisoner 11111, Your time is up and your parole's begun. You know what that means? (Yes, it means I'm breeeeeeead.) No.

Get me a sandwich. NO! (lol)

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